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CNC Machining
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We have complete machinery, exquisite workmanship and overall technology. We can finish the task to make mould on time at amount of productions. What’s more, we are both the members of Shenzhen Machinery Association and Toy Association.
Our company owns many excellent equipments, such as  CNC processing centers, vacuum trigger, Laser prototyping machine, 3D-laser scanner, Milling machines, Lathes, and equipments for sandblasting, painting, vacuum oven, printing etc. Furthermore, our vacuum batch board can copy PU, ABS, Nylon, Soft rubber, transparent material etc.

Tel:86-755-28452912  Adress:No68Dacaopu2ndRd,Pinghu town,Longgang district,Shenzhen,Guangdong province,China.      ICP:10218508