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CNC prototype model
SLA laser prototype model
SLS laser prototype model
plastic prototype model
Hardware (metal plate) model
vacuum silicon mold/vacuum injection (Small batch
Sculpture model
Telecommunication& digital model
Househould appliance model
Toy& bassinet model
Medical mechanical model
Automotive component model
Security&protection model
Mobile simulation model
automobile simulation model
plane simulation model
steamship simulation model
working design products
fixture&jig products
mould products
injection products
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plane simulation model
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shenzhen Jingxin Mould&Prototype Tech Co.,Ltd which is a factory providing various prototype from start to finish. We are a network of multi-talented individuals with years of experience in manufacturing. And all you need is an idea and sketch.We design it,fabricate it and promote it.We work as flows:
contact-requirements-design study-3D CAD design&simulation-prototyping-testing-detail design-manufacture.

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