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  Laser velocimetry
  SLA rapid prototyp
  CNC Machining
1990,Shenzhen Jingxin Precision Technology Co., Ltd. founded in Shenzhen where is a Design Center in China. It is a professional and technological enterprise with more than twenty years experience of protot...

prototype Model dpt:CNC prototype model-SLA laser prototype model
SLS laser prototype model-plastic prototype model-Hardware (metal plate) model
vacuum silicon mold/vacuum-injection (Small batch prototype replication)-Sculpture model
Communication& digital model-Household appliance model-Toy& bassinet model
Medical mechanical model-Security&protection mold-Automotive& aerospace component model
stimulation model dpt:Mobile model( According to the proportion of real object)
automobile model, ( According to the proportion of real object) 
plane model( According to the proportion of real object)
steamship model ( According to the proportion of real object)
working design dpt:Shape design - structural design - laser RE
mould dpt :
CNC machining center- EDM - linear cutting - slow wir cutting





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