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1. Prototype making:

We can make the simulation models according to the 3D data, engineering drawing, sketches drawing, rendering and etc which are provided by customers. We can develop and design for the early products, such as appearance, size and structural experiments. We can do the promotion and advertisements at the same time. And our processing methods include SLA laser rapid prototyping, SLS laser rapid prototyping, CNC rapid prototyping, sculpturing profile (human beings, animals, flowers and plants, toys) and gypsography , small batch vacuum injection doubling plate.

2.Simulation mould:

We can minify or magnify simulation model or be in proportion 1:1 according to objects. The simulation models are divided into automobile simulation models, airplane simulation models, steamship simulation models, cell phone simulation models and architecture simulation models.

3. Industrial design:
According to the customer's demands, with the help of market research, product design, concept and appearance design, structural design, products reverse engineering, we can provide accurate and reliable data for mold processing and manufacturing
4. Mold machining:
After early products design, model making and drawing material preparation, we can produce regular products in mass production by injection mold. Molds are divided into plastic molds, rubber molds, die molds and die casting molds.
5. Injection:

After injection mold making, we can put mold into injection machine and produce in mass production. Injection methods include injection prototyping compression molding and pressure casting process.

6. Fixture and Jig:

In order to improve the quality and efficiency during manufacturing, at first, we have to design and produce special fixtures and jigs, which can make objects occupy the correct position and accept construction and test devices.

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